House of Hervé Laurent


The House of Hervé Laurent was founded in 2018 and launched in 2019 by a creative, innovative and passionate soul. A gentleman of sound prestige and class, marking the achievement of a life long dream.

As a niche luxury brand, we embrace the core essence of sophistication, prestige, fashion, beauty, innovation, opulence, status, professionalism and confidence. Our confidence in product development will allow ones confidence of product assurity. We specialize only in Extrait de Parfum concentrations at its pinnacle. Our vision is to transcend the idea of fragrance and to establish its importance in the world in ways far beyond. To communicate and empower greatness with each fragrance.

Our passion is in every fragrance that we make. Honoring those of the past while celebrating the future. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality with consistency across the board. Hervé Laurent is a brand of profound excellence.

We thank you all for your continued support. "Each purchase is a brick with your signature, used for the foundation of the House" - Hervé Laurent.