White Bloom Luxury Fragrance
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Herve Laurent, Perfume, Parfum, High End Luxury, Designer Fragrance, Fashion Fragrance, Miss Jane, Women Fragrance

Miss Jane Collection

White Bloom Luxury Fragrance

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The Miss Jane collection is everything of beauty and everything lavish. An exclusive perfume collection of affluence and prestige.

The Miss Jane White Bloom fragrance is remarkably beautiful. Floral sophistication at the pinnacle in its class. White Bloom is a woman’s dream of nostalgia. Classy, distinguished, affluent, appealing and attractive. White Bloom is the definition of a woman.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Spicy Mint, Apple, Rangoon Creeper and Floral Wood.
  • Heart Notes: Tropical Blossoms, Plum, Carnation and Green Berry.
  • Base Notes: Gardenia, Tuberose and Jasmine Bud.